Web clients overview

To make E-Maj use easier, two web applications are also available:

  • a plug-in for the phpPgAdmin administration tool in its versions 5.1 and higher,
  • an independent web application, Emaj_web.

Both web clients provide the same functionalities with E-Maj, and have a very similar user interface.

Emaj_web borrows to phpPgAdmin its infrastructure (browser, icon trails, database connection, management,…) and some useful functions like browsing the tables content or editing SQL queries.

For databases into which the E-Maj extension has been installed, and if the user is connected with a role that owns the required rights, all E-Maj objects are accessible.

It is then possible to:

  • define or modify groups content,
  • see the list of tables groups and perform any possible action, depending on groups state (create, drop, start, stop, set or remove a mark, rollback, add or modify a comment),
  • see the list of the marks that have been set for a group, and perform any possible action on them (delete, rename, rollback, add or modify a comment),
  • get statistics about log tables content and see their content,
  • monitor in progress rollback operations.