Installing the phpPgAdmin plug-in


A version 5.1 or higher of phpPgAdmin must be installed and operational in a web server.

Plug-in download

The E-Maj plug-in for phpPgAdmin can be downloaded from the following git repository:

The downloaded Emaj directory must be copied into the plugin directory of the installed phpPgAdmin root directory.

Plug-in activation

To activate the plug-in, just open the conf/ file from the phpPgAdmin root directory, and add the character string ‘Emaj’ to the variable $conf[‘plugins’].

For instance, one may have:

$conf['plugins'] = array('Emaj');

or, if another plug-in is already activated:

$conf['plugins'] = array('Report','Emaj');

Plug-in parametrization

In order to submit batch rollback (i.e. without blocking the use of the browser while the rollback operation is in progress), it is necessary to specify a value for two configuration parameters contained in the Emaj/conf/ file:

  • $plugin_conf[‘psql_path’] defines the access path of the psql executable file,
  • $plugin_conf[‘temp_dir’] defines a temporary directory that rollback functions can use.

The distributed file can be used as a configuration template.