Installing the Emaj_web client


Emaj_web requires a web server with a php interpreter, and its pgsql and intl extensions.

Plug-in download

The Emaj_web application can be downloaded from the following git repository:

Application configuration

The configuration is centralized into a single file: emaj_web/conf/ It contains the general parameters of the applications, and the description of the PostgreSQL instances connections.

When the number of instances is large, it is possible to split them into instances groups. A group can contain instances or other instance groups.

In order to submit batch rollbacks (i.e. without blocking the use of the browser while the rollback operation is in progress), it is necessary to specify a value for two configuration parameters:

  • $conf[‘psql_path’] defines the access path of the psql executable file,

  • $conf[‘temp_dir’] defines a temporary directory that rollback functions can use.

The emaj_web/conf/ file may be used as a configuration template.