Emaj_web overview

A web application, Emaj_web, makes E-Maj use much easier.

For the records, a plugin for phpPgAdmin also existed. But it is not maintained any more since E-Maj 3.0.

Emaj_web has borrowed to phpPgAdmin its infrastructure (browser, icon trails, database connection, management,…) and some useful functions like browsing the tables content or editing SQL queries.

For databases into which the E-Maj extension has been installed, and if the user is connected with a role that owns the required rights, all E-Maj objects are accessible.

It is then possible to:

  • define or modify groups content,

  • see the list of tables groups and perform any possible action, depending on groups state (create, drop, start, stop, set or remove a mark, rollback, add or modify a comment),

  • see the list of the marks that have been set for a group, and perform any possible action on them (delete, rename, rollback, add or modify a comment),

  • get statistics about log tables content and see their content,

  • monitor in progress rollback operations.